Let your students become the responsible leaders of tomorrow today!
Discover how you can help your students achieve by tapping into their potential and talents using these 5 easy steps
The mental wellbeing of students has become an important topic of conversation in EDUCATION today but the time to take practical steps to is now! Through our coaching programs and workshops OVP Coaching helps teens to develop self leadership and become confident, independent learners.
Where the leaders of tomorrow develop their leadership skills today
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Students learn how to address their limiting beliefs and prepare for the success they want which is what makes this course an undeniable self-motivating path creator. Build the leader, enable the leader and you will see a leader. Show your students how to become the leaders who empower other leaders to success by enrolling them in one of our coaching programs today!
OVP Coaching provides personal development workshops to schools throughout the UK as well as leadership courses, individual and group coaching sessions. Our dynamic leadership courses and workshops inspire students to broaden their aspirations and assist them in achieving their goals. We work with collaboratively students, staff, parents and carers to ensure the highest quality of coaching for all involved. All sessions are interactive and fun. Students will be able to apply the skills and tools explored during our time together with ease in the classroom and beyond their schooling.
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Our Intention

We want your school to know that your students are in great hands. Each of our programs instils a sense of personal responsibility for achievement. Actions bring consequences but focus and responsibility ensure victory.
Programs include;
Parent Centred Webinars
Talent, Knowledge and Experience

Most students are already aware that talent alone is not enough but do they know what else they need to reach their potential? That’s where OVP Coaching can help. As Einstein said; ‘the only source of knowledge is experience’ and ‘learning is experience - everything else is information’ He makes it very clear that experiential learning is the way forward. Giving students the space they need to explore their potential by applying their academic learning to life skills and the qualities needed for future growth, will give them the confidence to try new experiences without the inhibiting fear of making mistakes.
5 strategies 
every student
needs to implement TODAY!
Learners and Leaders

Making improvements no matter how big or small is all that is needed to encourage students to do more. Celebrating their wins and evaluating their learning points will move them forward in their studies and career choices.

The the amalgamation of these successes shapes learners into self-motivating leaders ready to assist others on their Path To Success. 

Working on these areas of growth gives them a new tangible vision of the future.
Courses, Workshops and Programs

Success means something different to everyone so how can you help your students to determine exactly what success means to them compared to what success means to your school? 

Our input ranges from assembly style speaking engagements and half day workshops through to year round development programs. Each input is designed to assistant your students to unravel their limiting beliefs so they can build a Path To Success. 

You can choose from a range of our online courses for individual students or click below for more information about our group workshops.
What you need to know
School was ready to give up on me. I didn’t make things easy for myself but I knew I could turn things around with this information. I’m now in 6th form and doing really well. If it wasn’t for life coaching, who knows where I would be
GCSE student
Since the program I’ve become a lot more confident and it’s really helped me become less stressed about school. I know how to deal with my stress now. Coaching is more than just having a chat with someone, it can help you with academic stuff, assessing how well your doing in subjects subjects and how you can improve all of that
Deputy Head
The program has had a massive impact on our students. They have improved their academic progress, overcome exam anxiety and improved their overall wellbeing. It’s also been great to receive positive feedback from parents who have told us how much of an improvement they’ve seen in their child’s progress
Success Stories
The book is a fantastic resource and a handbook to live by. A must read for every parent. Would highly recommend.
Of course success is dependent on many factors, including but not limited to; attitude to learning, being mentally present during times of learning as well as having a passion for reaching your true potential. These are just a few of the limiting factors that OVP Coaching has been very successful in helping students to overcome. Have a look at what some of our clients and students had to say about us and our programs
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